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Joanna Bakos PT, DPT, Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Northeastern University in 2013 and joins PhysioPartners after completing her early career development in the greater DC area. Dr. Bakos enjoys working with patients of varied backgrounds and ages, including recreational athletes, weekend warriors, children, and teens. In addition to the skills she developed as a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, she uses dry needling as an adjunct treatment to release muscular trigger points.  

Dr. Bakos focuses her treatments on restoring functional movement patterns through identifying and addressing musculoskeletal imbalances. She educates on the benefits of addressing these imbalances with manual techniques and prescriptive exercise in order to treat underlying impairments -- not just the present symptoms. 

When she is not treating patients, Joanna enjoys cooking new recipes, entertaining friends, and traveling. She also enjoys recreational activities, such as hiking and playing tennis. 

Joanna sees patients at our Loop location. 

Contact this provider at joannabakos@physiopartners.com

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