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Telehealth Services

PhysioPartners is pleased to offer our patients services via telehealth.

Telehealth services can be helpful for consulting with your therapist, allowing them to assess your movements and guide you through exercises and pain-relieving techniques, and provide personalized recommendations.

Insurance coverage for telehealth services during the COVID-19 crisis is evolving.

The governor of Illinois has issued an Executive Order for telehealth coverage by Illinois insurers.  However, insurance companies are implementing this coverage very inconsistently and we are finding that many are covering at a level that is of very little use in the delivery of physical therapist care via telehealth.  Learn more in a message from PhysioPartners president, Angela Wilson Pennisi.

We will bill your insurance, you will pay any patient responsibility that is assigned.  However, if we aren't sure if you are covered or we know you are not covered, we ask that you consider a financial contribution towards these services.  We will offer a refund if we ever successfully collect payment for these sessions.  Our staff thanks you for your support.  

Please complete the online waiver for telehealth services prior to your first appointment.

If you are connecting via smartphone, consider checking your service speed on both cellular and wi-fi connections prior to the session so you may connect on the fastest available connection.  

Enter the PhysioPartners telehealth waiting room at your appointment time.

Check out our online store for equipment you might need for your sessions!  

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