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Fit For Life

Falls are the #1 cause of injury, hospital visits due to trauma and death from injury for people over age 65.

Our Fit for Life assessment is designed to help you tackle the physical effects of aging on strength, balance and flexibility and decrease your risk for falls. 

Our bodies lose an average of a half a pound of muscle per year as we age, eventually resulting in difficulty rising from chairs or soft surfaces, climbing stairs and maintaining balance. However, these deficits can be effectively managed and even reversed with an individualized exercise program. 

One of our physical therapists will perform standardized tests and measures to assess your overall fitness, strength, flexibility and dynamic balance, compare your results with others your age and provide personalized recommendations. 


Fall prevention services are eligible for coverage by most insurance plans, either with or without a physician's referral. Contact us for additional information at (773) 665-9950.

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