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Post-Natal Recovery Program

Someone is counting on you!

Your physical therapist can help you return to your pre-pregnancy strength and shape with our Post-Natal Recovery Program!

Pregnancy and delivery take a toll on your muscles and joints. Your body is continuing to change as you return to your normal activities and meet the demands of baby care! Your physical therapist can assist you with re-education of the muscles of your abdominal wall and pelvic floor, helping you return to your fitness activities and keep up with the bending, lifting, bathing and car-seat carrying!

The program includes three, one-hour sessions with one of our physical therapists for assessment of posture, strength and flexibility, re-education of weak muscles and establishing a fitness program for you to continue independently. A Post-Natal Program gift certificate is also a great gift idea for the new mom in your life!

Three sessions for $300*

*The program is eligible for coverage under insurance with your physician's referral. Please call (773) 665-9950 for more information.

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