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Finding Balance: Dizziness and Physical Therapy. Dizziness is common in people over age 20, and it can be a big problem in daily life. Feeling unsteady, lightheaded, or like the room is spinning is alarming and makes daily tasks difficult. The good news is that dizziness often has treatable causes, and your physical therapist can be the perfect person to help. Understanding Dizziness. Dizziness isn't a specific problem—it's a symptom that can be caused by many different issues. Feeling ...
Posted on 2024-05-10

Drug-Free Relief from Chronic Pain

Millions of Americans Struggle with Chronic Pain, Physical Therapy Offers Effective, Drug-Free Relief  Chronic pain is a debilitating condition affecting millions of Americans, significantly impacting their daily lives and overall well-being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 50 million U.S. adults experience chronic pain, with 17 million experiencing substantial limitations in their activities due to pain. Beyond its immediate impact, chronic ...
Posted on 2024-04-15

Spring Training

Time to Spring Into Action!  Change the Weather | Change Your Activity Level Spring is in the air, meaning more than just blooming flowers and chirping birds. It's a natural nudge to shake off the winter blues and be more active. Research that looked at the seasonality of physical activity proves this is true. Across various countries and populations, people aremost active in the summer and less active in the winter. Since your physical activity levels are likely starti...
Posted on 2024-03-20

Sticking with Your Exercise Program in 2024

Exercise and fitness-related New Year's resolutions are always popular. Riding the New Year momentum makes starting an exercise program in January easy. But now that it's February, it can be hard to stick to it.  Life gets busy, the weather is terrible, motivation drops, and the excitement has worn off. Time magazine has estimated that 80, we asked PhysioPartners' therapists for their best tips to keep exercising through the February dip and into the spring. Set re...
Posted on 2024-02-02

Nutrition and Healthy Movement

Your Physical Therapist Knows That Know Nutrition Is Fuel For Recovery Physical therapy and nutrition are often seen as separate, but physical therapists know that they are deeply intertwined. To get the most out of physical therapy, especially after an injury or surgery, successfully integrating both is crucial. During recovery from an injury or surgery, the body is working to heal itself. Physical therapy activities and exercises are designed to help it along. Nutrition is literally the fuel...
Posted on 2024-01-08
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