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Lifestyle Activities

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Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy in Chicago for Lifestyle Activities

Welcome to the PhysioPartners lifestyle activitiy resource.

At PhysioPartners we look forward to assisting in prevention and recovery from injuries that can occur in everyday life.  We commonly see patients that have injured themselves walking, hiking, gardening, or lifting things at home.

Our lifestyle activity resource section provides you with a sampling of exercises for many every day activities and is designed to help you prevent injuries.

Current Topics (We will be adding more on a regular basis)

We will continue to add more lifestyle related educational, exercise and injury prevention information on a regular basis.

At PhysioPartners we can assess your strength and range of motion and prescribe a program for you that is suited to helping you avoid injuries and enjoy maximum mobility.

Our resources on this website are for informational purposes only.  Do not diagnose, self treat, or attempt any exercises from the content on this site without contacting PhysioPartners, your physician or a qualified specialist first.

We offer Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy services and look forward to working with you to enjoy maximum mobility and avoid injuries.

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