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Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation in Chicago's Loop,  Lakeview, and Glenview

Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation in Chicago Loop & LakeviewGet back on your feet again with foot and ankle care at PhysioPartners. Our physical therapists' manual therapy techniques will help restore mobility, and specialized foot and ankle exercises are designed to return you to walking and running pain-free!

With a one-on-one consultation and treatment included in every visit, your physical therapist can focus on you and your movement problem, analyzing your gait and teaching you to walk or run more efficiently. Feel steady and stable in any situation with balance exercises that are tailored to address your individual limitations.

Physical therapy for foot and ankle problems is eligible for coverage by most insurance policies.

Please call (773) 665-9950 for more information or schedule an onsite or virtual appointment.

We can help patients with:

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Our Patients Say It Best!

"[My therapist]is very knowledgeable, experienced and best of all she is helping me conquer my chronic foot pain from planter fasciitis and neuromas. [She] provides a thorough assessment and has taught me so much about why I’ve had continued pain despite having foot surgeries. I’ve had foot pain for over 10 years and I was at the point of thinking I would just have to live with it, but I’m so happy that won’t be the case!" ~ LV 

"I am so pleased my doctor referred me to PhysioPartners for physical therapy on my problematic Achilles tendon...Having been in therapy before for this condition and understanding this time how badly I had damaged my achilles tendon, I knew I had to work harder to rehabilitate it and then to prevent it from happening again. My therapist, Joe Ascher, gave me 100% of his attention and expertise, answering all of my questions and explaining as he worked with me what he was doing, the purpose of each exercise, and how all of it would help me heal and prevent injury in the future. I also learned more about the need to better balance my exercise routine so that I take care of the entire body and focus on weak spots." ~ DP

"...My plantar fasciitis has decreased significantly allowing me to start running again which is something I never thought I would be able to do again." ~ JM

Please call (773) 665-9950 for more information or schedule an onsite or virtual appointment.

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