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Prehabilitation in Chicago Loop, Lakeview, and Glenview

Prehabilitation in Chicago Loop & LakeviewPrehabilitation, or "pre-hab", is the process of enhancing functional capacity prior to surgery to enable you to better tolerate the period of inactivity that comes with undergoing surgery.  It is designated to help strengthen the muscles and tissues in order to make post-surgery recovery faster and more effective.

Working on strength, movement patterns, flexibility and joint position sense prior to surgery has been found to offset the deconditioning that often occurs secondary to decreased activity when you are in pain prior to and following surgery.

Prehabilitation has been found to result in greater strength, lower pain, increased improvement rates, more rapid return to regular activities and decreased time in post-operative physical therapy for conditions, particularly prior to knee surgeries.  

Physical therapy for prehabilitation may be covered by insurance with your physician's referral and when utilized in the treatment of an injury.  

Please call (773) 665-9950 for more information or schedule an onsite appointment.

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