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Soft Tissue Mobilization in Chicago Loop,  Lakeview, and Glenview

The physical therapists at PhysioPartners have completed advanced education in several soft tissue mobilization techniques, including instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and Active Release Technique®.

Soft tissue can become stiff, dense, and rigid as we age and accumulate mechanical damage. Mechanical damage can occur with trauma, past injury, repetitive strain injuries, normal use over time, natural aging process, overuse, deconditioning and dehydration. The increase in tissue densification slowly alters movement patterns, which can cause pain and other symptoms in the joints and the soft tissues, including inflammation and injury to the soft tissues and surrounding nerves, muscles and joints. These restrictions can also contribute to chronic, complex and persistent pain if untreated.

Soft Tissue Mobilization in Chicago Loop & LakeviewSoft tissue mobilization can be helpful to address limitations of flexibility and for soft tissue injuries, such as tendinitis and muscle strains, help you stay active during your recovery. 

Besides continuing to participate in your activity or sport during treatment, your physical therapist will guide you in performing  customized stretching and strengthening exercises that are critical to the success of soft tissue mobilization techniques and encourage your body to heal correctly.

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