Achieving Freedom Through Movement
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Physical Therapy Care

PhysioPartners started in 2000, originally founded by Angela Wilson Pennisi as Lakeshore Sports Physical Therapy, PC. To reflect the many ways in which the clinic has grown in programs and specialty services, it was rebranded as PhysioPartners in 2016. In the early years, Ms. Pennisi worked in solo practice, always with an emphasis on one-on-one, individualized care. This laser focus on her patients contributed to Ms. Pennisi's ability to design treatment plans that comprehensively addressed movement dysfunction, as well as treat each patient's physical limitations.

As the practice grew, she engaged with other physical therapists interested in developing advanced clinical skills and has personally mentored several members of our staff from early on in their careers. Today, three of PhysioPartners' staff are board-certified in orthopedic physical therapy.

As health care moves towards delivering higher value services at a lower cost, patients are becoming more selective in choosing a physical therapist who will take the time to understand the cause of their problems, address their injuries in a comprehensive manner and prevent costly and painful complications in the future. PhysioPartners is also aware of increasing out-of-pocket costs for patients in recent years, and now offers several service options to best meet the needs and preferences of its patients and the community.