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Physical Therapy following Head and Neck Cancer in Chicago Loop, Lakeview, and Glenview

Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Rehabilitation for survivors of head and neck cancer is a complex process due to the many functional challenges one might face after cancer treatment. 

What Are the Most Common Limitations After Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer?

  • Difficulty opening the mouth, known as trismus
  • Stiffness of the neck or loss of neck range of motion due to surgery and radiation fibrosis
  • Shoulder weakness after neck dissection and surgical procedures
  • Tongue weakness and low tongue posture, which can affect head and neck posture needed for vital functions, such maintaining a healthy airway space, proper breathing, chewing and overall neutral posture
  • Increased swelling post surgery or due to lymphedema

What Treatments and Interventions are Offered After Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer and Help Achieve the Best Possible Functional Outcomes?

  • Re-education of facial mastication and tongue muscle
  • Neck and shoulder range-of-motion exercises to improve pain, function, strength, flexibility and reduce scar tissue
  • Hands-on manual therapy to soften soft tissues and free up the connective tissues and fascia networks
  • Treatment for trismus, including use of manual therapy to improve jaw opening and joint mechanics
  • The use of assistive mouth opening devices, such TheraBite® or Dynasplint® as needed for home management
  • Breathing training with postural re-education and specific airway and throat exercises
  • Postural education and biomechanics training to improve optimal head on neck position and restoration of the natural curves of the spine
  • Patient education to help you learn how to manage and address some of the post-surgical restrictions and limitations
  • Pain management
  • Lymphedema decongestive therapy, including manual lymphatic drainage, compression and exercises for the lymphatic system
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