Fitness Instructors

John DoRosario

John DoRosario, NASM-CPT, ATC, MS
, is a certified personal trainer and has more than 20 years of experience in athletic training in basketball and football at the Division 1 college level, as well as working with athletes from high school through the professional level.  John has worked with athletes at the Olympic games in 1996 and 2014, NCAA basketball, tennis and golf championship games, The Red Hot Chili Peppers tour, and the Special Olympics. 

John brings this knowledge to his personal training, working to empower his clients and build them into conditioned "Great Movers" by listening to their needs, goals and dreams and preparing a plan for each individual's sport and or fitness lifestyle. John can assist clients with everything from to preseason conditioning, to preparing for a fitness event, such as Tough Mudder, a marathon or dodgeball, to learning techniques to " jump and dunk" or develop agility.

John continues to enjoy in participating in basketball pickup games himself, as well as 100-mile cycling tours.