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Emily Smith

Emily has completed massage therapy education and training in both the United Kingdom and in New York City. She has an International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma in Massage Therapy, completed in 2011. She also graduated from New York City's Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in 2012 with an Associates of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy.

Emily specializes in corrective sports, therapeutic and medical massage. Her focus is on treating orthopedic & sports-related injuries, pre & post replacement surgery, traumatic injuries, chronic pain conditions and enhancing sports performance.

Emily has worked with clients in a variety of settings including sports clubs, wellness and pain management centers, and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

She has worked with a diverse group of people including the general population, junior and masters athletes, specialist strength athletes, competitive amateur athletes, professional baseball players and Olympians.

Certified in Advanced Sports Massage, Emily utilizes a wide variety of modalities including deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, neuromuscular therapy and stretching. Emily believes that we are all “athletes” because of the physical demands placed on the body in everyday life, and she emphasizes the importance of self care outside of the massage room.

Emily loves being outside in nature, and vacations are often used to explore the wilderness. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking and anything on water. She can be found on the water, learning to row on her days off. She enjoys strength training with Kettlebells and Indian Clubs, and also completes a daily Tai Chi practice. 

Emily sees clients at our Loop location. Schedule online or call (773) 665-9950 for more information.

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