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Small Group Sessions | Friends in Fitness | Schroth | BoneFit

Private Personal Training in Chicago Loop & LakeviewPrivate Personal Training in Chicago Loop, Lakeview, and Glenview

Friends in Fitness: Small Group Training with a Personal Touch

Elevate your fitness with our certified and highly skilled instructors, joining our friendly small groups as you advance on your journey to better health.  Consistent exercise and physical activity increase your body’s natural resilience and help you meet the unexpected challenges of daily life!  Friends in Fitness is a small group personal training program designed to help you achieve your fitness and movement goals in a fun and supportive environment.

What to Expect:

  • Personalized Attention: Workouts are tailored to accommodate multiple levels of fitness.  Our experienced instructors are well-versed in adapting exercises to meet individual needs and able to consult with your clinician to optimize your experience.
  • Tailored Practices: Learn effective exercises and techniques to boost your fitness routine, ranging from simple, easy-to-learn movements to advanced coordination and resistance exercises.
  • Group Motivation: Train alongside like-minded individuals, with the energy and enjoyment of the group making exercise something to look forward to!
  • Accountability: Our encouraging instructors and supportive community will help keep you on track.

Together is better!  Limited to 4 partipants per session.

Currently offered in Lakeview:

Mondays at 10 am and 5:30 pm
Saturdays 8 am

$45 per Session
4-Session Package | $160
8-Session Package | $280

View upcoming sessions and sign up!  Your first session is free!

Schroth Class - Small Group

Small Group Schroth supports our patients with scoliosis in maintaining the progress gained in physical therapy through stretching, strengthening and postural exercises that incorporate Schroth principles. Participants find the small group setting is perfect for a postural reset and helps alleviate scoliosis-related symptoms.

Class is open to any current patient or any patient who has been seen in the past 12 months.  Participants must be confident with their curve corrections as technical modifications will be limited and instruction will focus on general exercise form.  If you have not been seen in the past 12 months or have any questions about curve corrections, please schedule an appointment with your therapist to be recommended for participation.  Participants must also have adequate balance for safe participation without assistance or close supervision. 

Equipment: Yoga mat, yoga block or stool, resistance bands, Schroth poles, chair 

Currently offered in Lakeview:

Alternating Thursdays 6:30 pm
$35 per session | 4-pack $120


BoneFitTM is an evidence-based, small group exercise session that targets bone health and aims to reduce the risks of sustaining an osteoporosis-related fracture. BoneFitTM addresses all components of fracture risk reduction, including weight-bearing impact and non-impact activities, supervised resistance exercise, postural and balance exercises, and flexibility work, while having fun!

Currently offered in Glenview:

$45 per Session
4-Session Package | $160
8-Session Package | $280

Click or Call to (773) 665-9950 to Sign Up Today!

How to Register:   
You may reserve each class online via your Mindbody account. You can also contact the front desk to schedule at (773) 665-9950 or Please register at least 30 minutes prior to class start time.  Classes without a minimum number of participants may be canceled.  Click here for instructions on how to sign up for your class on Mindbody.  

  • If you have not already completed the wellness participation waiver on Mindbody, please do so at that time.  


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