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Prenatal Program

Feel strong and energized throughout your pregnancy with a prenatal physical therapy consultation. Your physical therapist will give you strategies to safely maintain your fitness level through all three trimesters and minimize pregnancy-related back and hip pain. This program is offered at two levels.

  • You are not currently exercising, but want to be active for a healthy pregnancy.  Your physical therapist will help you get started with a safe and effective exercise program.  
  • You are a runner or high-intensity athlete or exerciser seeking guidance to maintain a high level of physical activity through all 3 trimesters of pregnancy.  According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “women who were regular exercisers before pregnancy and who have uncomplicated, healthy pregnancies should be able to engage in high-intensity exercise programs, such as jogging and aerobics, with no adverse effects.”  Learn to listen to your body and monitor for signs that you may be pushing too hard during your workouts.

Work with a women’s health physical therapist today!  As movement specialists, we assess how your unique body is moving and create an appropriate plan to stay active.  You will also learn how to self-assess for diastasis recti and when to modify exercises to avoid stressing the abdominal wall. 

Additionally, if you are experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy such as low back pain, hip pain, or urinary leakage, we can ensure you have the appropriate exercises in your program to alleviate these symptoms.

A prenatal physical therapy consultation gift certificate is also a great gift idea for the expectant mother in your life!

Print out the screening questionnaire and speak with your doctor prior to your consultation.

$110 per hour in-person or virtual visit*

Download participation screening questionnaire

* This service may be eligible for coverage under insurance if medically necessary

Prenatal Pilates

Pilates is a great way to stay active throughout pregnancy. In Pilates, you’ll focus on strengthening your core through breathwork, exercise, and mind-body connection through movement. Call today to schedule a session with physical therapist, Dr. Mary Schuster.


$110 per hour session

$800 for package of 8 visits

Please contact the front desk with any questions or to schedule a session.