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Bringing Biomechanics to Your Yoga Practice

Bringing Biomechanics to Your Yoga PracticePosted on September 9, 2013

Side CrowBy Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT, MS, OCS

I have been practicing yoga for almost 15 years, and it has served me and my body in many different ways.  At times, it has helped me restore mobility and decrease pain.  Other times, it has helped me manage the stresses of juggling a family and business.  However, all the way, I have applied my understanding of the human body and movement as a physical therapist to my yoga practice.  At times, yoga has helped me with my patients as a physical therapist, but just as frequently my knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology has helped me progress in my own yoga practice.

I remember that in the months leading up my 40th birthday last year, I set many goals for myself for the future, including being able to continue to participate in and enjoy yoga at near my current level.  Imagine my pleasure when one week before my birthday, I was able to perform “side crow” (Parsva Bakasana) pose for the first time ever.  However, the joy of performing the pose did not come from ticking it “off the list.”  Instead, I understood that the ability to perform the pose successfully meant that I had continued to gain flexibility, strength and control rather than feeling that my flexibility, strength and control were on a path to degradation!

Since then, I have teamed up with Tova Sklar, yoga instructor and chiropractor, to help bring knowledge about anatomy and biomechanics to other yoga students and support them in advancing their own practice.  Eb and flow Yoga in Bucktown is the perfect setting for this workshop, focusing on creating a community where all are welcomed and inspired.  I hope you will join us on September 28th from 1 to 3 p.m. for this unique workshop.

Eb and flow Yoga
1834 W North Ave., Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60660

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Eb and flow Yoga members:  Free!
Advance registration:  $25
Day of workshop:  $30