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» Endurance Athlete Worries Severe Ankle Sprain Will End Competition
Endurance Athlete Worries Severe Ankle Sprain Will End Competition

Endurance athlete Ashley L. had many concerns after her ankle injury, but her path back started at PhysioPartners with physical therapist Mandie Martuzzo.

“Being an endurance athlete, I was terrified [that] my severely sprained ankle was a catastrophic end to my beloved hobbies. From the start to completion of my physical therapist care with Mandie, she gave confidence [that] I’d be able to successfully regain strength in my ankle, as well as get back to running, biking and the other activities that I love.”


Physical therapist Mandie Martuzzo recalled Ashley’s first visits, noting that she was initially in an ankle brace and had difficulty walking normally. She was unable to stand for prolonged amounts of time, descend stairs, run or jump without pain. Ashley is very athletic and wanted to return to running races and competing in triathalons, which she enjoys.

She began therapy with decreased mobility and strength in her ankle and an abnormal gait pattern, and treatments were aimed at improving her gait, ankle mobility, ankle stability and strength, as well as balance. By the end of therapy, Ashley was back to all her normal activities without pain or difficulty and has returned to running for exercise. And hopefully she will soon compete again!

Though Ashley is still building back her mileage, she reports that she has never felt better or more confident in her ankle to tackle her next challenges, the first being wearing heels at her wedding last month!

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