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Physical Activities for Parents & Kids!

COVID-19 has eliminated the question of what stay-at-home moms/dads do forever! Now the bigger problem emerges:  How do they fit in the daily physical activities their children desperately need? Public resources such as playgrounds and parks are no longer safe, so the need to get creative for home activities is in high demand.

Running, jumping, and active movement is important for a child’s health because it reduces weight, increases muscle strength, improves bone density, and stimulates attention in school. The improvement in concentration is even more valuable as parents take on the role of the teacher as they now homeschool their children.

In order to remove another obstacle for parents to solve, here is a list of resources that will promote healthy, engaging, and entertaining physical activities that can be done in the home.


  • Fairytale Physical Therapy Dance Along


This company teaches online dances (that are secretly composed of therapeutic exercises) to some of the most popular songs amongst children. Want to learn a dance to “Let It Go” or “Kiss the Girl”? They have it! You can even play that part of the movie for your child to practice the dance as a reward for participating.



  • Explore Nutrition and Physical Activity is an online health science learning site designed to help parents communicate important health concepts to their children in grades PreK-12. The site contains comprehensive lesson plans, interactive games and activities, Webquests, assessments, an individualized Health Log and more. The goal of the site is to inspire children and their families to make healthy choices that may last a lifetime.



  • Little Sports


Little Sports is a youtube channel that provides entertaining workouts led by cartoons! These are 15 to 20 minute follow-along workouts that are great for challenging your child’s attention span and getting the blood flowing throughout their bodies. This is a great activity to utilize in place of running around the playground.



  • Get Moving with Disney Family


Is your child a Disney fan? Get Moving with Disney Family is a great activity where your child gets to do healthy movements inspired by some cherished Disney movies such as Mulan, The Jungle Book, The Incredibles, and more! This is a wonderful activity to get the whole family moving together.

As parents keep their children safe at home, including healthy physical activities is extremely valuable. If you are unsure if the physical activities are safe for you child, check with a physical therapist to clear your child for participation. Every child needs daily physical activity to continue to grow and mature healthfully!