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Ready for Summer?

By Stephanie Penny, PT, DPT

With all the snow and cold temperatures, spring has snuck up on us, but get ready — summer and all your favorite outdoor activities are around the corner!  The following tips can help you and your body be prepared.

Sticking to an Exercise Routine

  • Schedule exercise as an appointment, writing to down or making an appointment in your calendar.
  • Never go more than two days without exercise.
  • Mix up your workouts! Try a new class or personal training.

Healthy Eating

  • Shop the perimeter of the store, where most of the fresh food is located, and stay away from the processed foods in the center of the store.
  • Track what you eat by writing it down or using a fitness app.
  • Drink lots of water.  Read more about the benefits of adequate hydration.
  • Cook at home, avoiding the hidden calories of eating out.  Even salads at restaurants are calorie and fat laden.

Prevent Knee Injuries When Starting a New Fitness Routine

Stretching and strengthening your hips can go a long way in preventing knee injuries.

  • Stretching
    • Gluteal Stretch:  Bring your knee towards your opposite shoulder.  Hold 30 seconds and repeat twice on each side.
    • Hamstring Stretch:  With a towel around your foot, lift your leg to stretch the back of the thigh.  Hold 30 seconds and repeat twice on each side.
  • Strengthening
    • Hip Abduction:  In sidelying, keep your hips stacked as you lift and lower your leg.  Repeat 10x, 2 sets on each side.

The team at PhysioPartners is here to help you Achieve Freedom Through Movement.  Consult with our physical therapists, personal trainers or Pilates instructors to start your summer fitness routine right!

Stephanie Penny, PT, DPT, is a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and sees patients in our Lakeview location.