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What is a PT Express Visit?

Have you ever “Googled” an injury in an attempt to avoid a visit to the doctor or physical therapist?

Do you ever “just live with it” because it doesn’t seem bad enough to see someone?

Do you know you need to consult a professional, but physical therapy takes too much time and costs too much?

If any of these apply to you, you might be a candidate for a PT Express package!

Physical therapists are experts at human movement and create treatment plans that help you move better to feel better. The human body is a complex piece of machinery, and we love making all those parts work together in harmony and with efficiency.

But let’s be honest — sometimes you don’t have time or money for optimal efficiency and harmony and just want to make sure you don’t “break down” on the side of the road! We get it — no judgment — which is why we created PT Express visits and packages.

These innovative sessions are designed to give you fast relief of sprains, strains, tweaks and pains. Many studies have demonstrated that the earlier you see a physical therapist, the sooner they will resolve, the better the long-term outcome, and can ensure that you do not need more invasive and costly treatments down the road. They are a great alternative to walk-in clinics that may have limited treatment options to offer.

The session begins with a thorough evaluation so that you and your therapist know exactly what you are dealing with. If your symptoms and examination findings point to something more serious, we will refer you to someone in our amazing network of sports medicine physicians, orthopedists, internists and podiatrists. If physical therapist care can help, we will develop a tailored and focused treatment plan just for you. The 20-minute in-person or virtual follow-up sessions are easy to squeeze into your busy schedule, allow us to review your progress, update your treatment plan and provide hands-on interventions.

Now we are not miracle workers — you will have homework! But if you are motivated to follow our self-care instructions and perform exercises on your own, many new onset conditions and minor injuries will respond very quickly. If at your evaluation you therapist recognizes that your injury, condition or prior history requires a more comprehensive plan of care, he or she will discuss it with you so you can make an informed decision about your health.

Packages including the evaluation and 4 follow up sessions start at $280 and is most likely covered by your insurance, so stop suffering in silence — or complaining loudly — and take action today!